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At Powertex France, we are pleased to announce that we are now the distributors in France of Fleur brand products.           It is a paint renowned for its incredible opacity, vivid colors, great coverage and high quality. A shop selling these products on this site will

Paperdeco 40g is back in stock in Light Green and Dark Green. We also have a new color in 40g – Bordeaux.

If you need ideas for your next Powertex project, we still have a few books available in our store that will guide you. “L’Amour des Animaux” offers 21 projects as well as essential tips and tricks for creating these models.

For any order over 70€ TTC, Powertex France offers a Powertex backpackThis gift, worth 6.95€ will be automatically added to your parcel.

Paperdeco Relef Paper is made of dried, decorative mulberry wood, this relief paper is finished off by using Powertex Universal Medium solidifier.Paperdeco Relief Paper – We currently have several of these colours in stock. The beautiful colours of Powertex Paperdeco products are ideal for statuettes, lampshades and many other creative

This beautiful work by Brigitte Grade is on a Powertex base of 30 cm with two stems. It was cut out of insulation foam, built with Powertex Stone Art and treated with Powertex Yellow ochre and bister to get cracks. Finally, a little rusty Powertex powder has been added. magnificent!

We have 2 special offers to offer you this January!1. We offer a 10% discount on the usual price of Powertex 1 kg of bronze until stocks run out. So 15.30 euros instead of 17.00 TTC. for every 1 kg container2. Biyomap is a new sustainable way to pack your

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our customers. We would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty during the difficulties of the last few months. We, at Powertex France, wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a happy new year 2021.New for 2021 –

Winter is here! Don’t forget to keep your Powertex a temperature of at least 5 degrees C.Most painting and creative arts products fear the cold!

Lamp with figurine. This Mixed media lamp measures 97 cm high. Pete used wood, moss. In addition, Powertex Stone Art, a figurine he moulded himself and the Powertex hardener to create this beautiful effect.

Recycling cardboard and packaging Our regular customers may have noticed that many of their deliveries are now sent in reused boxes. Here at Powertex France, we try to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise waste by reducing, reusing and recycling. We want to make sure that all packages received here

The Owl lamp was created by Pete Davies by combining natural wood with various Powertex products. We hope that by showing you the creative projects Pete has done, we can inspire you to create your own too! So if you’ve created something using Powertex products, please let us know on

Welcome to Powertex France, and our new website! We hope you enjoy the new look of our website here at Powertex France! We have tried to make the new site as informative as possible, while providing inspiration to all our customers, whether they are experienced or just starting with our

Powertex France is building a team of dynamic and creative people who love Powertex and the possibilities of this cutting-edge product, Artistic Medium for Painting, Sculpture and Mixed Techniques Become a fully qualified Powertex trainer.Only trainers and dealers trained or certified by Pete Davies will be listed on our website.We

Plaster angels Christmas is approaching and we know that many of our customers are already busy making gifts. We have a nice range of Powertex plaster angels available for all your projects and we have reduced them all in price. Below: Angels and works by Pete Davies Préc 1de8 Suiv.

Candle holder with angel Pete has just finished making this beautiful candle holder (flat-heater candle) with a photo frame. He used one of the plaster angels in the Powertex range currently on sale at Powertex France. This one is called Anael.

To create this lamp, Pete used a beautiful piece of wood as a base. Some dried flowers have been added to create a tree effect. The lamp blind was made with Powertex Stone Art clay and the girl was made with Powertex products.

We would like to apologise to all our customers for any difficulties or inconvenience caused by ongoing maintenance interventions on our site. This work is essential and will improve the long-term operation of the site. So, if you are having problems on our site in the meantime (for example,