Training of trainers

Become a Powertex Certified Trainer

An opportunity exists for artists and other creatives in France who are interested in creating a small business in the art and craft sector to train as certified Powertex trainers. All artistic materials, as well as complete training notes, are provided.

Bookings are essential to guarantee your place.

All of our Trainer Training workshops are individual workshops held at Powertex France’s headquarters in Adjots, 16700, Charente, with our national master trainer, Pete Davies. Please note that Pete is Welsh and all training takes place in English.

Please email us for more information or to express your interest:

Our Powertex Certified Trainer program allows us to recognize a level of expertise and maintain standards in the use of Powertex products. There are five levels of certification. Each of them covers the main subjects to be mastered. The participant is considered a Powertex Certified Trainer as soon as one of the first four levels is completed.

The benefits of becoming a certified instructor:

  1. Recognition of competence with Powertex products
  2. You can benefit from a volume discount when purchasing Powertex products
  3. Authorization to resell Powertex products
  4. Authorization to teach any course with the use of the Powertex Certified Instructor designation
  5. Offer visibility on the site as a certified trainer and as a Powertex custodian (if any)

Certification Program

Becoming a Powertex France certified trainer does not require you to offer training or sell products. You can become certified simply because you like to create Powertex projects with our products and master their use!

1st level certificate:
Sculpture/figure techniques with Powertex

This training covers the following main techniques:

  1. Information on the entire Powertex product line.
  2. Construction of a wire frame for the figurine/sculpture
  3. Integration of a stand in the figurine / sculpture
  4. Cover a frame with fabric or other materials using the Powertex hardener
  5. Construction of a standing figure and a seated figure
  6. Coloring the figurine / sculpting by applying pigments
  7. Introducing the Powertex hardener to the web

This is a 2-day course and the cost is 360 euros. Accommodation is possible if necessary (subject to availability) in our on-site cottage, for a fee, contact me.

2nd level certificate: Powertex Stone Art

This training covers the following main techniques:

  1. Adding texture to a figurine/sculpture with Stone Art
  2. Adding texture to a canvas with Stone Art
  3. Using Bister with the art of stone to create cracks
  4. Clay creation with Stone Art for the construction of a sculpture or part of a figurine

This is a 2-day course and the cost is 360 euros. Accommodation is possible if necessary (subject to availability) in our on-site accommodation, for a fee.

3rd Level Certificate: Mixed Media – Easy 3D Flex

This training covers the following main techniques:

  1. Creating a drawing that incorporates fabric, cotton, cardboard and other materials on a canvas
  2. Using Easy3D Flex to create textures with different crack depths
  3. Add colors using pigments and bister
  4. Use pigments to add light to your project
  5. Integration of clay objects created with rock art
  6. Guide your imagination to create a creative project

This is a one-day course and the cost is 180 euros.

4th Level Certificate: Powerprint – Collage

This training covers the following techniques:

  1. Transferring an image to a canvas
  2. Integrating the image into a mixed media project

This is a one-day course and the cost is 180 euros.

5th level certificate: MASTER

This training is used to validate the participant’s knowledge and experience in the techniques of the four certification levels to demonstrate that he or she is proficient enough to act as a trainer to teach certification levels.
Most of them also demonstrate a commitment to learning and training when new products are introduced.
This is the “Train the Trainer” certification level.

  • The participant must demonstrate his autonomy to complete all stages of new projects and a good knowledge of Powertex products.
  • The participant must also have kept a portfolio of his work and experiences with Powertex as well as photos of completed projects as proof of his continued professional development to the satisfaction of our national trainer.

This course is tailored to the individual trainer, based on his knowledge and experience of Powertex products.

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Accommodation is available if required (subject to availability) in our on-site cottage at an extra charge.

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