Pete Davies – Powertex, the Artist

Pete was born and grew up in Lampeter, West Wales. He began painting as a teenager and moved to North Wales in 1978. He has provided a comprehensive design service to homes, restaurants and hotels for more than 25 years. Since the 1970s, he has been working with specialised luxury paint products. During this period, he built a reputation as a unique artist in the design of ceilings, specialised paint effects and decorative moulding installations, from the simplest to the most ornate. In 2002, Pete went to Milan and trained in Polish Italian plaster, a luxurious marbled finishing product used mainly for walls and ceilings. He has also participated in the organisation of training seminars given by Venetian Italian plasterers at seminars in the United Kingdom.

For several years Pete ran a company in England (Renaissance Originals and was a “Star Stockist” of Autentico paintings. During this period, hundreds of people attended his workshops and he won a Gold Students Choice Award from and also gave demonstrations and facilitated workshops for members of the East Sussex Women’s Institute.

He now has more than 40 years of professional experience and is a recognized expert in decorative techniques and luxury finishes – from basic chalk painting techniques using Autentico products to Venetian plastering. He holds a Master’s Certificate in Powertex Techniques following a series of training sessions with Clemy Roelandt in Belgium. Since our move to Charente in France, it offers a full programme of specialized workshops throughout the year in our specialized workshop.

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